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    OPINION: CFIs Deserve More

    Nothing gets me more annoyed than hearing people whine about the “CFI Shortage”. “I can’t find a flight instructor” seems to be the mantra of this generation of pilots. Now you may take offense to that if you are one of those students who “can’t find a CFI” to train you, but let me explain […] More

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    Where are the Pilotless Airliners? Why Aren’t They Here Yet?

    Peter Thiel, PayPal founder and tech evangelist, noted several years ago that “We wanted flying cars, but instead got 140 characters.” He was, of course, talking about Twitter, but his larger point was that the technological advancements that seemed to be inevitable have—when they’ve even shown up— been underwhelming. The pilotless airliner, like the driverless car, is […] More

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    Career Advice For Pilots: So You Want To Fly An Airliner?

    So you want to be a pilot? I often get asked for career advice by aspiring and younger pilots and thought it might be helpful to condense some thoughts in a post on aviation career strategy. The Women in Aviation Conference was recently held in Nashville and I gave jumpseat rides to a number of […] More

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