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    Powered Flight During the 1970s Was More Than Just Awesome

    The film “Flying Machines- Powered Flight in the 1970s” was produced for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) during the days when the airlines were booming and research and development were investigating amazing new technologies. The piece features everything from classic airliners and general aviation aircraft to military jets and experimental types- some of […] More

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    NASA InSight Lander to Explore the Inner Space of Mars

    NASA’s newest discovery mission InSight will launch this spring to begin the first extensive exploration of the Red Planet’s internal structure. The Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy, and Heat Transport, or InSight, is scheduled to lift-off for the Red Planet and into a predawn sky on May 5 from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, and land […] More

  • NORAD and military aircraft will support Santa's flight on Christmas Eve.
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    NORAD, Military To Assist Santa On His Christmas Voyage

    PENSACOLA, Fla. — The warmth of a bright red glow traveling across the evening sky will allow the military to assist Santa Claus with his special delivery of gifts across North America on Christmas Eve. Led by Rudolph and eight reindeer, Santa Claus is expected to arrive over the east coast of the United States […] More

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    What A Magnificent Craft She Was: The Space Shuttle On Approach

    It’s hard to believe that we are approaching 7 years since America launched its own human-carrying craft into space.  The last Space Shuttle mission landed on July 21, 2011.  Since that date, Americans must rely on Russian Soyuz rockets to the International Space Station.  Getting there isn’t cheap. The Russians charge almost $60M per seat!  […] More

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    NASA Pool Prepares Astronauts for Upcoming Space Station Spacewalks

    HOUSTON — Astronauts aboard the International Space Station are scheduled to perform three consecutive spacewalks in October to upgrade and repair critical equipment outside the orbiting laboratory. NASA astronauts Randy Bresnik and Mark Vande Hei will venture outside through the Quest airlock on Thursday, Oct. 5, for the first spacewalk beginning at 8:10 a.m. EDT. […] More

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    Lockheed Wants to Put a Base Camp in Orbit Around Mars, Complete With Lander

    Speaking at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Adelaide, Australia, officials with Lockheed Martin today revealed their plans for what they believe is a sound, safe and compelling mission architecture to help NASA get humans to Mars within a decade, using a concept centered around an orbiting outpost they call the Mars Base Camp. “Sending humans […] More

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