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    B-58 Hustlers Were Sonic Booming and Record Setting Machines

    Convair’s B-58 Hustler was a record-setting machine back when it was introduced in 1960. The builders of the jet produced a Progress Report film during 1961 highlighting the fact that at the time the B-58 was “swift, capable, versatile, and operational.” Hustlers flying low and very fast are seen setting several records. The film, uploaded […] More

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    Actor Jimmy Stewart Talks Up B-58 Hustler, Scares Russians In This Rare Video

    Impressive, Expensive, Complicated–That was the Convair B-58.  Actor and Brig Gen talks up the Mach 2 bomber. On March 15th 1960, the first Convair B-58 Hustler became operational with Strategic Air Command (SAC). One of the most impressive aircraft ever built, the Hustler was also expensive to operate, equipped with complicated systems that frequently required […] More

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