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    How Does The Boeing 717 Fly All The Way To The Mainland?

    Have you ever wondered how aircraft manufacturers deliver new smaller aircraft over long distances? What about ferrying them for heavy maintenance checks? Generally speaking aircraft deliveries that are flown across the Atlantic Ocean are not a problem. There are several airports across the north, for example at St. Johns in Canada and Keflavik in Iceland. […] More

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    Southwest Airlines Announces Hawaii, Service To Begin in 2018

    Southwest Airlines announced service to Hawaii this evening at their company ‘Spirit Party’. Service will begin in 2018. The airline  also announced its intention to launch an application process for Federal Aviation Administration authorization for Extended Operations (ETOPS). Service details will be announced at a later date. The ‘Spirit Party’ is a company-wide celebration of what […] More

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    BREAKING: Five Survive Crash Of Tourist Helicopter In Hawaii

    A helicopter carrying tourists made a hard landing in water Thursday not far from the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. All five passengers survived. This video shows that perhaps the tail rotor gave out as the copter was coming in for a landing. The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported that a 16-year-old passenger was critically injured in […] More