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    Think Russian Jets Buzzing Boats is new? Think again. This Russian TU-16 Crashed After Buzzing U.S.S. Essex

    Flashback Friday: Boys (pilots) and their toys (jets) can lead to some provocative and dangerous flybys. Last month, the destroyer USS Cook on two occasions was buzzed by Russian military planes. On the first incident, two unarmed Sukhoi Su-24 fighters flew within 1,000 feet of the ship and one of the passes was within 30 feet. […] More

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    Watch This Guy Try To Sell You a Used F-4 Phantom (NSFW)| VIDEO

    Now Were Talking Aim-9M’s are standard…and we’ve got Martin Baker Bucket Seats. Those of us who are old enough to remember know that there’s probably nothing worse than good ‘ole Cal Worthington trying to sell you a used automobile on TV.  His commercials were so annoying that they stuck in your head. Well now we’ve uncovered […] More

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    Relish The Sound Of a F-4 Engine Start and Takeoff

    The sound of J79’s spooling up is an iconic noise that is music to any avgeek’s ears.  It’s a sound rarely heard these days (unless you live in Iran).  So when we came across this video of a startup and takeoff, we knew we had to share it.  Turn up your speakers, put on two […] More

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