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    This Video of A Day On The Deck Of An Aircraft Carrier Is About As Awesome As It Gets

    Nothing comes close to the thrill of ops on an aircraft carrier. The flight deck operations on an aircraft carrier require precise teamwork. The men who are flying the aircraft are in a 40,000-pound machine being catapulted forward into flight or landing on a sometimes rolling (and short) surface. The deck crew makes the flight […] More

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    These Are The Top 6 Epic Football Game Flyovers

    Land of the free, home of the brave. ‘merica. Football game flyovers are a symbol of american power and pride. A flyover after a national anthem represents the culmination of soulful singing, perfect timing, and precision execution. While many fans get to experience the roar of the jets, the actual work behind the scenes is […] More

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    Why Is This F-18 Taking Off On A Road?

      Why would an F-18 take off on a road?  It might look crazy but this crew is just practicing a capability and utilizing what’s known as a highway airstrip.  A nation’s air force is only effective if they can get the planes off the ground.  It is assumed that some of the first targets […] More

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    Ride Report: My Flight in Blue Angels #2

    Editors Note: As #avgeeks, we love reading ride and trip reports. is proud to share one of the most unique ride reports we’ve seen in a long time.  Thanks to LCDR Ben Kohlmann for sharing! This past Friday, I got the chance of a lifetime – a flight in the backseat of Blue Angel […] More

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    Fly with a Canadian Air Force CF-18 to LAX

    We’re ‘aboot’ 10 miles out on the ILS. Most of a fighter training program is centered around learning systems, flying the jet and perfecting offensive and defensive maneuvers.  It is still important though to learn how to know how to navigate long distances and integrate into high density airspace.  The Canadian Air Force program incorporates […] More

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    Blue Angel #7 Catches the Barrier

    A rare sight. Blue Angel #7 testing the portable arresting gear at Moffett Federal Airfield before the start of the Fleetweek Airshow. This was the emergency divert field for the U.S. Navy Blue Angels during the show’s performance, even though they took off from nearby San Francisco International Airport. More

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