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    F-16 Hits Tree and Somehow Manages To Land Safely

    If you’ve ever wondered if the F-16 is a robust, survivable platform, here’s proof that it is. The F-16 fighter pilot clipped the top of a ridge during a ridge crossing on a low level training mission. It is a tribute to the engine (probably a Pratt & Whitney) to continue running with tree parts […] More

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    Mixed Bag: Turkish Airlines Resumes Flights, Others Suspend Service as Coup Fails

    Turkey awoke this morning to a failed coup and significant uncertainty across the nation. The coup kicked off yesterday evening with rebel troops and tanks securing key bridges in Istanbul. A rebel helicopter destroyed a police headquarters in Ankara.  Then a few F-16s provided a show of force over the city.  Hours later though, Turkish President Erdogan appeared on CNN Turk […] More

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    Caution: F-16s On Approach Might Be Lower Than They Appear

    This Turkish F-16 decided to give some #avgeek spotters a show. For him, the glide slope was just a recommendation. Most fighter pilots love their job.  They also love to show off their capabilities. Turkish Air Force Captain Yusuf Kurt decided to showboat as he approached the field after a sortie. He dropped below the […] More

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    Wolverine Takes Flight In An F-16 Jet

    Actor Hugh Jackman, aka Wolverine, visited the Air Force Reserve Base in Fort Worth, Texas, last month and hopped a ride in an F-16. Hugh Jackman is a cool dude. First, he’s from Australia. Second, if you didn’t know he’s accomplished as a singer and a dancer. Third, he plays Wolverine. Jackman recently pushed his […] More

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    This Badass Song About Their Favorite Fighter Jets Was Written By Real Fighter Pilots | VIDEO

    Real pilots wrote the most ornery songs about pilots, planes, and the daily grind of the Air Force. The Dos Gringos band are better fighter pilots than singers and song writers. (That’s a compliment, guys.) They penned this little ditty about their favorite military aircraft. It’s catchy and the singing is above average. (That assessment comes […] More

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