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    BREAKING: Saving the A380 Superjumbo. Emirates Airlines Sweeps in with $16 Billion Deal

    Buzz this week has been all about Airbus hinting that it would be forced to scrap the A380 superjumbo program without new orders. The current industry trend is away from the superjumbos and toward smaller, fuel efficient aircraft. Monday, Airbus executive John Leahy said the A380 was on a slippery slope, stating, “Quite honestly, if […] More

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    MGM Grand Air Had ‘Emirates’-Like Luxury In The 1980s

    First class is typically luxurious.  MGM Grand pioneered super-luxurious accommodations in the 1980s.  Emirates is now taking luxury to the next level in 2017. Flying first class has always been the preferred mode of travel for the privileged among us. Celebrities, dignitaries and star athletes fly first class on luxury airlines that offer every amenity […] More

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    Emirates receives its 100th Airbus A380

    On November 3rd 2017, Emirates reached a milestone as it received its 100th A380 at a special ceremony at Airbus’ delivery centre in Hamburg, Germany. The ceremony was officiated by His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, Emirates’ Chairman and CEO. According to Sheikh Ahmed, this is a tremendous moment for Emirates, Airbus and for […] More

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    Emirates A380 Jet Nearly Loses Directional Control In Windy Landing

    We’re pretty sure the maintenance logs asked for replacement of the tires and the pilot’s seat cushion after this landing.  They are lucky it wasn’t worse. Landing a “heavy” or “super” sized airliner in strong crosswinds requires great skill. It is even more challenging in gusty conditions. In this video posted on Youtube by Cargospotter, […] More

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    Could Automation Kill Us?

    Automation is best deployed as an enhanced decision making tool, not something which a bored human being should be tasked to sit and watch. “When we design our systems, we need to assign appropriate roles to the human and technological components. It is best for humans to be the doers and technology to be the […] More

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    WATCH: Emirates 777 Engine Fire at Boston

    An Emirates 777-300ER with registration A6-ECW landed at Boston yesterday afternoon.  After rollout, a small fire appeared in the tailpipe of the #1 engine.  According to the video posted on YouTube by ‘tbird209‘, a couple of very aware avgeek spotters called 911 and notified tower of what they were seeing.  AvHerald reports that while there […] More

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