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    A Navy Growler Crew Just Drew a Giant Penis in the Sky Over Washington, The Navy Wasn’t Amused

    A US Navy aircrew is responsible for drawing a masterpiece in the sky over the small town of Okanogan in central Washington on Thursday. With their E/A-18 Growler jet, based out of NAS Whisbey Island, WA, the crew acted as a paintbrush on a canvas to produce a giant and unmistakeable penis and balls visible for miles […] More

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    Watch Gary Sinise Fly a Growler to Visit the USS Theodore Roosevelt

    “One of the coolest experiences ever.” That’s how actor Gary Sinise, one of the biggest advocates of America’s servicemen and women, described his ride in an E/A-18G Growler earlier this year, which took him from MCAS Miramar to the deck of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, somewhere off the coast of CA. Sinise may be most famous for […] More

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    VAQ-130 ZAPPERS 2016 Cruise Video is AvGeek Overdose

    “To win in combat with trained aircrew and combat ready aircraft whenever called upon to support and defend the Constitution of the United States through the military element of power” Electronic Attack plays a critical role in military aviation warfare, taking out an enemy’s defenses, radar and anything dependent on electronics to operate. These squadrons […] More

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    How I Intercepted The Total Solar Eclipse in a Fighter Jet

    Millions of people journeyed into a 60-70 mile wide path stretching from Oregon to South Carolina to experience witnessing the moon completely block out the sun on August 21, 2017. For many, it was the first time a total solar eclipse has occurred over the mainland U.S. in their lifetimes, including myself, and being an aviation photographer […] More

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