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    Powered Flight During the 1970s Was More Than Just Awesome

    The film “Flying Machines- Powered Flight in the 1970s” was produced for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) during the days when the airlines were booming and research and development were investigating amazing new technologies. The piece features everything from classic airliners and general aviation aircraft to military jets and experimental types- some of […] More

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    Why Did The Concorde Lower Its Nose On Approaches?

    The history of the Concorde began in 1962 when the British and French governments agreed to develop an SST (supersonic transport aircraft). The conceptualization and manufacturing of the plane was done through a joint effort between Aerospatiale and British Aerospace. The Concorde took its first flight in 1969 and only 20 Concordes were ever made. […] More

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    Transatlantic Range And 2X Supersonic Speed-That Was The Concorde

    When the British Airways Film Unit produced the promotional film “Transatlantic Supersonic” in 1976, the Aérospatiale / BAC Concorde supersonic transport (SST) had only just entered scheduled service with British Airways. The Concorde was jointly developed and manufactured by Sud Aviation (later Aérospatiale) and the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) under an Anglo-French treaty. A total […] More

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    Supersonic Passenger Travel is Back in Business

    Futuristic aircraft manufacturer Boom Supersonic made waves at the Paris Air Show this week as it revealed its revolutionary aircraft prototype and design, which could hit the skies for testing as early as next year. The aircraft, which is expected to make supersonic travel affordable (though affordable is a relative term — it’s guessed that […] More

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    The Concorde Was Truly Ahead Of Its Time

    The Concorde was the future. 13 years after its retirement, the plane still remains a futuristic vision of air travel. The Concorde was an aircraft unlike any of its kind at the time. The project was a French and British collaboration and therefore named “Concorde,” which means “unity.” Designed in the 50’s and debuting in […] More

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    Remember When Pepsi Leased A Concorde?

    Crystal Pepsi is back.  Let’s bring back the Pepsi Concorde too! In 1996, the Pepsi Cola company underwent a major rebranding. As part of this, they signed a deal with Air France to charter the Concorde and paint it blue. They put the Pepsi logo on the tail, and the word Pepsi on the side […] More