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    Photo Essay: Andrews AFB Airshow Wows Crowd

    (Photos and story by Curt & Randy Jennings) SUITLAND, MD – Last weekend’s 2017 Joint Base Andrews Air Show was once again a fantastic glimpse at the aerial capability of the United States military. The weather cooperated all three days of the show, without a drop of rain and mostly sunny skies, so everyone was […] More

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    The First Time the B-2 Bomber Flew Was in the Belly of a C-5

    Not the whole bomber, mind you, but rather pieces of it. Big pieces, including the wings and the “cargo hold” otherwise known as the bomb bay structure were delivered for assembly by C-5 Galaxy airlift. But first, a little background on the B-2 is in order. The B-2 Spirit, America’s newest manned bomber, was first […] More

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    The Most Complex Gear Ever Built For An Airlifter Is A Work Of Art And A Maintenance Challenge 

    When Lockheed engineers began work on the massive C-5A Galaxy during the mid-1960s they faced a myriad of aerospace design challenges: The weight of the aircraft itself- even when empty. Flex in the wings, the fuselage itself, and the extended T-tail. How to utilize the space above the cargo hold. Pressurization of thousands of cubic feet […] More