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    Score! World’s Longest Touchdown Catch

    If you score after this play, we’ll let you dab. Devin Super Tramp‘a video for the big game didn’t disappoint.  The ‘play’ started out inside the cargo compartment of an L100 (civilian C-130).  The football was passed out the back of the plane, the play started.  While descending at over 160 mph, the football changed hands. […] More

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    They Strapped Parachutes On These Street Racers And Dropped Them Out Of a C-130

    By now you’ve probably seen Fast and Furious 7.  The movie features two street racing vehicles dropped out of the C-130 Hercules.  Dropping vehicles safely is no simple task.  From the looks of the video, it required custom rigging on the vehicle and additional metal support structure around the vehicles to ensure that the cars maintained […] More

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    You Won’t Believe What This Transport Plane Can Do…

    While it’s not unusual to see a Boeing C-17 or Lockheed Martin C-130J fly demanding profiles at air shows, you won’t see either plane be this aggressive.  The Airbus A-400M is Europe’s first modern entry into the military transport category.  The plane is larger than a C-130 but smaller than a C-17.  While the program […] More

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    High, Hot and Dirty Landings

    Fort Carson, CO; Red Devil Landing Zone (LZ) Red Devil Landing Zone is the highest altitude tactical dirt landing zone in the United States available for military training.  As a part of the First Carson Range, the 302d Airlift Wing has by agreement used the landing zone for unique training sorties for the past few […] More

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    A C-130 Ballet: Landing on an Aircraft Carrier

    Yeah, it really happened!   Back in 1963, a KC-130F conducted a series of test landings and takeoffs from the deck of the USS Forestal.  The aircraft took of unassisted while weighing up to 121,000 lbs.  While the C-130 proved to not be a good fit for a carrier (it rendered the carrier useless if […] More

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