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    Here Are Six Reasons Why The C-Series Could Be The Next Big Thing In Commercial Aviation

    After getting off to a rocky start, Bombardier’s C-Series jets are uniquely positioned to become the next big thing in aviation. That is, if they do not incite an international trade war first. Last spring, Boeing accused plane maker Bombardier of receiving financial backing from the government of Canada that helped it maintain the struggling […] More

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    Boeing Calls Foul As Airbus Acquires Majority Stake in Bombardier’s C-Series Jetliner Program

    Airbus has struck a deal with Bombardier to acquire a majority stake in the struggling C Series airliner program, in a move that redefines the competitive landscape between Bombardier and rival Boeing. The announcement comes on the heels of attacks earlier this year from Boeing who accused Montreal, Quebec-based Bombardier of selling the C-Series jets […] More

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    Roundup: That’ll Leave A Mark – AA Jet Clips SWA Jet During De-Icing

    AA plane hits Southwest plane in taxi way , you would think they have all the room in the world !!!!! — Carlos Salinas (@detroitdreamers) February 17, 2016 De-icing aircraft is a necessary inconvenience. The process at most major airports requires planes to maneuver to reach de-icing equipment and passengers on those planes typically […] More