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    How Boeing Built The Legends

    When Boeing built the revolutionary 727 and 747, it had to develop equally revolutionary ways to test and certify the advanced aircraft. Boeing faced a number of challenges along the way. Spray patterns of the 727’s tires could have quenched the outboard engines. A redesign was necessary to prevent potential flameouts. The 747 also faced a […] More

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    The 787 Flies on the Wings of the Dreamlifter

    Boeing’s largest aircraft (by volume) keeps the 787 program humming… The Boeing 747 Dreamlifter (formerly named the Large Cargo Freighter, or LCF) is a wide body cargo aircraft, modified from the Boeing 747-400. The unusual shape of the modified LCF has evoked comparisons to the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile. Others say it looks like a […] More

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    The C-17 Globemaster III is Overhauled In the Largest Hangar In the World.

    This hangar is huuugge! According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Boeing facility in San Antonio is the largest freestanding airplane hangar in the world. It is 1,760 feet long. This massive hangar can fit sixteen C-17 Globemaster Fleet III planes. More than 600 employees work there. Workers have upgraded and delivered almost […] More

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    Boeing at 100 – A Look at Boeing’s Other Programs And A Look Ahead (Part 3 of 3)

    Introduction For the first fifty years, the Boing Airplane Company focused largely on the development and manufacture of aircraft. World War II accelerated the demand for larger, higher performance, more capable military aircraft, and Boeing, as did many other manufacturers, benefitted by war time spending. In the years afterward, Boeing continued along a path to […] More

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    Projecting Boeing’s Video History On a Giant 747-8 Might Be The Coolest Thing Ever

    Boeing is in the midst of celebrating it’s 100th anniversary this month.  Way back in 1916, a man named William Boeing launched the Pacific Aero Products company.  A year later, he renamed it Boeing Company.  The rest as they say is history. Last week, Boeing hosted the Centennial Projection Spectacular that used projection effects to tell […] More

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