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    Will the Air Force Ever Get Their New Tanker Aircraft?

    The Air Force has been trying to replace their aging KC-135 tanker aircraft…for decades. There is a replacement aircraft, the KC-46, which is nearly ready to go, but the program has been plagued by scandal and delays for many years. And now, on the eve of the new aircraft’s introduction into operational service, more delays […] More

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    Potential Boeing Embraer Merger Shakes Up Small Jet Market

    This weeks Wall Street Journal report on the potential merger of Boeing and Brazilian aircraft company Embraer has sent shockwaves through the small jet market and could reshape the competitive landscape. According to the WSJ, negotiations are in a holding pattern while the Brazilian government reviews the deal. The talks are taking place against the […] More

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    Hardware from the Boeing 747-400 Being Auctioned Off | Take Home a Piece of United Airlines History

    Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of aviation history! Literally speaking, a piece of the infamous Boeing 747 fleet from United Airlines can be in your living room. To celebrate the aircraft’s retirement from the fleet, MileagePlus Exclusives is offering passengers with accumulated award miles a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to exchange award points for […] More

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    Is China’s ARJ21 Just A MD-80 Copy Or Is It The Beginning Of China’s Rise In Commercial Aviation?

    China’s bid to become a major player in the global aerospace industry is moving forward, with the recent certification of the ARJ21. Mass production has commenced and the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, or COMAC, reports that it already has 413 orders for the ARJ21 from 19 customers. The Deputy Director General of China’s Ministry […] More

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    747s Don’t Build Themselves– This How Boeing Builds The World’s Longest Airliner

    When Boeing Commercial Airplanes builds a 747-8I or 747-8F wide-body airliner the massive scale of the process is a mystery to most casual observers. The sheer size of the aircraft means that processes and procedures used to build smaller aircraft simply will not work. This documentary, produced by the National Geographic Channel, provides details about […] More

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    So Many Airbus Jets Were Born on Boeing Wings

    With the formation of Airbus Industrie and the launch of the Airbus A300 jetliner, the different consortium partners finalized their workshare of the project- the tail section was the responsibility of the Spanish, the British were responsible for the wings, the Dutch fabricated all the moving surfaces of the wing, the Germans built the forward and […] More

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    Five Ways To Tell the Boeing 737 MAX Apart From Older 737s

    With Boeing completing its first 737 MAX delivery in May, and major airlines like Southwest and Norwegian (no comment) are receiving their aircraft soon, the hype is building for the new MAX series. Boeing recently flew a very sporty Paris Air Show profile in the jet too.  A few avgeeks have recently asked us, “how can you spot […] More

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    Boeing’s Newest Jets Go ‘Near Vertical’ In Practice Performance Before Paris Air Show

    Ok, so it’s not REALLY near vertical…but it is some damn impressive and aggressive flying by professional pilots flying Boeing’s newest jetliners. For the past few years, Boeing has put together amazing summer air show routines.  In preparation for each year’s performance, Boeing also has put together incredible videos documenting the practice with cinematic flair. […] More

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    Boeing’s T-X Takes Flight For The First Time

    In less than 36 months, the supersonic trainer jet has transformed from idea to production version of jet. On December 20th, the Boeing T-X supersonic trainer took to the skies for the first time.  The jet took off from St. Louis International Airport for a 45 minutes inaugural flight. The twin tailed, single-engine jet is […] More

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    Alaska Honors Those Who Serve With A Special 737

    Alaska Airlines Honoring Those Who Serve In Seattle on October 26th the day was filled with star-spangled fanfare and a patriotic salute. Alaska Airlines unveiled a brand new 737-900ER aircraft designed in a new livery dedicated to “Honoring Those Who Serve.” Military customs & courtesies were rendered and the national anthem was sung at the […] More

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