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    Atlas Air Contract Dispute With Pilots Simmers Weeks Before Holiday Shipping Season

    The gloves are coming off in Atlas Air’s contract negotiations with the pilots’ union. The air cargo carrier accused pilots last month of intentionally slowing down work in an effort to gain an upper hand in contract discussions. The company filed a federal complaint alleging the pilots were intentionally calling in sick and refusing to […] More

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    United Kicks Off 747 Farewell Tour With Beautiful Tribute Video

    United Airlines is in the midst of a farewell tour of sorts for its Boeing 747-400 fleet.  As we have previously reported, United is retiring its ‘Queen of the Skies’ and replacing it with a combination of Boeing 777-300ERs and the forthcoming A350XWBs at the end of the decade.  While the 747 is a majestic […] More

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    Delta Air Lines Sends 747 To Rescue Pax Ahead Of Hurricane Irma

    Hurricane Irma continues to plow towards Florida.  Cities throughout Florida’s coast are mandating evacuations and Miami is quickly becoming a boarded up ghost town. Demand for flights is sky high will many visitors to Florida trying to evacuate ahead of the approaching hurricane.  Airlines have upgauged their aircraft, for instance substituting 767s and 777 for […] More

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    Extremely Hard Landing Of Jumbo Boeing Jet Caught On Tape

    Wow…Glad I wasn’t on that flight. It’s one of the those hold your breath videos.  A Massive Boeing 747-400 cargo jet operated by Silkway Airlines landed, err…smashed into the runway at Shiphol International Airport last month.  The jet appeared to encounter a large sink rate during its flare.  Instead of going around, the jet continued and […] More

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