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    Relive The Glory Days of the American Airlines MD-80 MadDog With This Noisy Takeoff

    Back in the early 1980s, American Airlines took a bet on the MD-80.  McDonnell Douglas was desperate for business.  American’s CEO at the time (Bob Crandall) negotiated a sweetheart deal that allowed American to establish hubs (and eventually a fortress hub like DFW) across the United States. After the acquisition of TWA, the fleet grew […] More

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    The Last Day of TWA – A Sad Day For Aviation

    Caution: If you loved TWA, this video might be painful to watch. December 1, 2001 was a sad day in St. Louis. For over 77 years TWA provided commercial service to millions of passengers around the globe. This day would be TWA’s last day to operate as an independent airline. TWA, also known as Trans […] More

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    Shot Across The Bow: Delta Air Lines Makes All Inflight Entertainment Free

      Delta becomes the only US airline to offer completely free inflight entertainment. The past 15 years of commercial aviation have been enormously frustrating for passengers.  Airlines have focused on unbundling–adding fees to services that were previously included in the cost of a ticket.  The flying experience has become noticeably more frustrating as airlines crammed […] More

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    A Familiar Look For Piedmont Reappears

    Bringing back an original color scheme and look for a Piedmont aircraft. Piedmont Airlines, which began flying under the American Eagle brand in October of 2015 after the merger of American Airlines and US Airways, which became final in 2013. The regional airline serves Philadelphia plus three other locations in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland. American […] More

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    Alaska Airlines to Aquire Virgin America in $2.6B Deal

    Transaction will create the 5th largest airline in the United States. While you were sleeping, the United States commercial airlines business grew a fifth major carrier. In a deal announced in the middle of the night, Alaska Airlines has acquired Virginia America for $2.6 billion in cash. It’s yet another example of the consolidation of […] More

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    This Retired MD-80 Mad Dog is Now a Movie Theater

    An MD-80 donated by American Airlines has been converted into a unique flight theater exhibit at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum. There are no used car lots for old airplanes, especially commercial jet liners. Sure, some are bought and put to use but most of them head to the boneyard or get cut into scrap. […] More

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