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    You Won’t Believe What This Transport Plane Can Do…

    While it’s not unusual to see a Boeing C-17 or Lockheed Martin C-130J fly demanding profiles at air shows, you won’t see either plane be this aggressive.  The Airbus A-400M is Europe’s first modern entry into the military transport category.  The plane is larger than a C-130 but smaller than a C-17.  While the program […] More

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    Airbus A-330 Burns after RPG attack in Tripoli

    Militants attacked the capitol airport in Tripoli on Sunday July 20, 2014.  Up to 12 planes were damaged in the attack.  The attack also included a direct hit of the control tower where casualties were reported. Some Twitter users posted pictures of the attacks.  One photo showed an Airbus A-330 that was appearantly damaged by an […] More

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    Why do Airbus A320s always sound like there is a barking dog in the cargo bins? Three Interesting Facts about the Airbus A-320 Family

    Let’s learn three new things about the A320 series today… Airbus A320 series are the mainstay of many international short and medium haul fleets. Delta, United, American, JetBlue and Virgin America all fly them. Here are 3 interesting facts you may have never known before. 1.) Those last three digits after the dash (A320-XXX) actually […] More

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    Is a refreshed A-330 in the Works?

    Airbus has been lukewarm about reengining the A330 along the lines of the A320neo, even though many industry pundits believe such a step has merit. Now some high-level sources are saying the decision to proceed could be imminent.

    With a total of 1,313 firm orders until the end of 2013, the A330 is by far the most successful widebody Airbus has built. That figure compares to 816 for the A300/A310 family, 812 for the A350, 377 for the A340 and 304 units for the A380. And even after Boeing launched the competing 787, the A330 continues to have remarkable market success: Airbus sold 534 A330s during the past five years; most were the larger A330-300.


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