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    Amedeo’s All A380 Airline–Solid idea or Pipe Dream?

    The future of the double-decker A380 superjumbo jet was thrown into question last week when a huge order cancellation from Emirates put a gaping hole in Airbus’ future order book.  Now comes additional bad news for the A380.  A380s are being returned to lessors who have no customers for the used jets.  So leasing company […] More

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    Emirates receives its 100th Airbus A380

    On November 3rd 2017, Emirates reached a milestone as it received its 100th A380 at a special ceremony at Airbus’ delivery centre in Hamburg, Germany. The ceremony was officiated by His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, Emirates’ Chairman and CEO. According to Sheikh Ahmed, this is a tremendous moment for Emirates, Airbus and for […] More

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    Emirates A380 Jet Nearly Loses Directional Control In Windy Landing

    We’re pretty sure the maintenance logs asked for replacement of the tires and the pilot’s seat cushion after this landing.  They are lucky it wasn’t worse. Landing a “heavy” or “super” sized airliner in strong crosswinds requires great skill. It is even more challenging in gusty conditions. In this video posted on Youtube by Cargospotter, […] More

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    The Hidden Area Where A380 Cabin Crew Rest

    When you are crewing the world’s largest airliner on a 12+ hour flight, where do you sleep? The A380 might not be a commercial success but it is an amazing aircraft and a technological marvel.  It is the only airliner with two full decks.  Some airliners have outfitted it with full size beds and showers for the most […] More

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    Airbus Launches Their Next Generation Fleet For a Formation Photo Shoot

    The A330-200, A350, A320NEO, and A380 take to the skies in impressive form. Airbus is one of the largest producers of commercial aircraft to have ever existed. The French company has several aircraft in operation, billions of dollars in revenue, and many different technological advancements to its name in the aviation world. It is no surprise […] More

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