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    This Badass Song About Their Favorite Fighter Jets Was Written By Real Fighter Pilots | VIDEO

    Real pilots wrote the most ornery songs about pilots, planes, and the daily grind of the Air Force. The Dos Gringos band are better fighter pilots than singers and song writers. (That’s a compliment, guys.) They penned this little ditty about their favorite military aircraft. It’s catchy and the singing is above average. (That assessment comes […] More

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    Watch Two A-10s Buzz the Runway Of A Local Airport

    We uncovered this gem of a video today of two A-10s flew repeated low passes over a runway back in 2009. While the A-10 sometimes gets a bad rap for being low and slow. The low passes were impressive and showcased the raw power and roar of the A-10. That distinctive roar (along with the […] More

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    8 Reasons Why The Enemy Hates The A-10 Warthog

    Perhaps the best measure of a fighting weapon/machine is how much it’s loved by its friends and hated by its enemies. In that case, the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II belongs near the top of any list of military assets deployed by the United States. The Thunderbolt name harkens back to World War II and the […] More

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