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    Could Automation Kill Us?

    Automation is best deployed as an enhanced decision making tool, not something which a bored human being should be tasked to sit and watch. “When we design our systems, we need to assign appropriate roles to the human and technological components. It is best for humans to be the doers and technology to be the […] More

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    The Boeing 777 is One Damn Sexy Plane

    Visible wingtip vortices make for one amazing approach into Frankfurt, Germany. This video footage features a Boeing 777 from Singapore Airlines making an approach to Frankfurt Airport in Germany, on a drizzling early evening. The sky looks like an impressionist painting. Note those amazing, huge wing vortices.  Those vortices are beautiful but they also can […] More

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    Six Reasons Why Boeing Faces Hard Choices In Replacing The 757

    Boeing, which recently rolled out wide body 777s and 787s plus has the new 737 MAX, is contemplating a mid-size narrow-body aircraft. Boeing stopped making 757s over a decade ago and Boeing will be facing competition from Airbus in terms of mid-size aircraft that have improved fuel efficiency. Commercial airlines seek aircraft that allow them […] More

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    Watch This Massive 777 Gear Swing Up And Down

      Boeing’s 777 is the world’s largest two-engine passenger jet and can haul up to 451 people. At that size, it’s understandable that it needs the landing gear to match. The Triple Seven has six wheels on each of its main landing gear. In this video, you can see ground tests as the main gear […] More

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    WATCH: Emirates 777 Engine Fire at Boston

    An Emirates 777-300ER with registration A6-ECW landed at Boston yesterday afternoon.  After rollout, a small fire appeared in the tailpipe of the #1 engine.  According to the video posted on YouTube by ‘tbird209‘, a couple of very aware avgeek spotters called 911 and notified tower of what they were seeing.  AvHerald reports that while there […] More

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    This Video Makes an EVA AIR Boeing 777-300 Look Sexy

    Eva Air isn’t exactly known for being a ‘sexy’ airline.  Their paint scheme is uninspired.  Their marketing campaign is unremarkable.  Yet, this video by famed airplane photographer Clay Lacy and 3DF make this Eva Air 777-300 look like the Belle of the Ball.  Check out the video and leave your thoughts in the Facebook comments below. More

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