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    The Spirit Of John Muir: A 747 Converted Into The World’s Largest Fire Fighting Aircraft

    It’s a bird … it’s a plane … no, it’s Super Tanker, a 747 converted to the world’s largest fire-fighting aircraft. With most 747s being retired as commercial airliners, the history-making four-engine jet still has several valuables uses. A few months ago, wrote about seven ways that the 747 is being re-purposed. One of […] More

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    Week In Review: The Top Stories On

    The week that was at Here’s a look back at some of the top stories on our site from this week. March 5, 2016 GROUNDED: An in-depth look of how and why the Boeing 717 series wasn’t a commercial success. A POSITIVE STEP? The much-maligned and problem-plagued F-35 Joint Strike Fighter had a successful […] More

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    The End Of Days For The 747 Jumbo Jet

    The Boeing 747’s time as a passenger jet appears to be slipping away. Just over a month ago, Air France had its last commercial 747 passenger flight when flight 439 traveled from Mexico City to Paris. That signaled the end of 45 years of Air France flying the Jumbo Jet. Brian Sumers, a Los Angeles-based […] More

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    Queen of the Skies turns 45.

    Today in 1969: the first 747-100 “jumbo jet” made its first flight.  It has a storied history.  Even today it is still nicknamed “The Queen of the Skies”.  Over the years there have been many variants of the 747 produced with the 747-8i and 747-8 still being produced today.  This current 747-8i is the heaviest […] More

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