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    Powered Flight During the 1970s Was More Than Just Awesome

    The film “Flying Machines- Powered Flight in the 1970s” was produced for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) during the days when the airlines were booming and research and development were investigating amazing new technologies. The piece features everything from classic airliners and general aviation aircraft to military jets and experimental types- some of […] More

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    Air Attack Fleet And Pilots Made A Big Difference In CA Wildfires

    Air attack pilots deployed to support firefighting operations in Napa and Sonoma counties. They have employed a variety of equipment necessary to fight these massive fires that have killed over 40 people. We take a look at the planes and the requirements to fly these demanding missions. You Can’t Drop If You Can’t See The […] More

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    Crew Puts GoPro On Wheel Well of 747 Jumbo Jet

    Putting a GoPro there probably isn’t in line with company policy.  GoPros do fine in the gear well, humans…no so much. There have been many instances of stowaways and refugees attempting to hitch a ride in the landing gear wells aboard passenger aircraft over the course of aviation history. Some individuals have done it successfully. […] More

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    INTERVIEW: Meet Self-Professed #AirlineGeek And Author Of “America’s Local Service Airlines”

    10 questions with the man who unlocked the history of the small and medium sized airlines that first connected America by air. There are people who work in the aviation industry and people who love the aviation industry.  There are some rare people who fit both those criteria.  Meet David H. Stringer, an accomplished author, aviation professional, […] More

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    Eight Notable Presidential Campaign Aircraft That Changed The Speed Of Politics

    Airplanes have revolutionized our nation and changed the way candidates campaign. The airplane has been an important campaign tool for presidential candidates from the early 1950s. Not all candidates, however have had a dedicated campaign plane. Many simply used on-demand charters of business aircraft. And very few actually had access to aircraft owned by them […] More

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    How Boeing Built The Legends

    When Boeing built the revolutionary 727 and 747, it had to develop equally revolutionary ways to test and certify the advanced aircraft. Boeing faced a number of challenges along the way. Spray patterns of the 727’s tires could have quenched the outboard engines. A redesign was necessary to prevent potential flameouts. The 747 also faced a […] More

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