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    Qantas 747 Takes Off With 5 Engines On Unique Rescue Flight

    You’ve heard of engine out approaches, but what about the dreaded extra engine approach? Ok, so the extra engine isn’t actually providing thrust, but it does create significant drag. With such a disbursed network spread over really long distances, Qantas occasionally faces unique maintenance challenges when one of their jets breaks down. Recently, one of their 747-400s needed […] More

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    You’ll Be Amazed By How Much Effort It Takes To Refurbish a 747-400 Jumbo Jet

    Just like cars, airplanes have a comprehensive maintenance schedule that airlines must follow.  Maintenance is scheduled based on the number of cycles (takeoffs and landings) as well as additional inspections based on the age of a plane. The 747-400 is no different.  Every 5 years a 747-400 has to undergo a ‘D-check’ inspection.  The inspection isn’t […] More

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    Watch the World’s Largest Boeing 747 RC Flying Model

    While drones are the latest craze, RC modeling has been around for much longer.  There are RC modeling clubs throughout the US.  If you’ve ever been to a meet up, you’ve probably seen some beautiful models.  In Germany though, they take their modeling skills to new levels.  Last July, a modeler unveiled a giant 1/13 […] More

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