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    Southwest Airlines Unveils “Tennessee One” | VIDEO

    Dallas-based Southwest Airlines celebrated more than 30 years of service to Nashville by unveiling the carrier’s latest specialty aircraft: “Tennessee One.” The Boeing 737-700 is painted with an artist’s rendition of the Tennessee state flag. (See video below.) Ceremonies took place Monday in Nashville with live music performances by Republic Nashville Recording Artist, A Thousand […] More

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    A New Era in the Cockpit: Electronic Flight Bags Are Here

    Have you noticed lately that when you see pilots walking through an airport terminal they rarely seem to be carrying flight bags anymore? You remember, those large black suitcases usually covered in stickers which pilots would have hooked onto their rollaboards? Yes, it is true that most pilots are no longer dragging these heavy albatrosses […] More

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    Just In Case: How to Land A Boeing 737

    Dr. Rumack: “Can you fly this plane, and land it?” Ted Striker: “Surely you can’t be serious.” Dr. Rumack: “I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley.” Props to you, Dear Reader, if you’re familiar with this classic cockpit hilarity from the 1980 spoof “Airplane!” (If you haven’t seen it, we here at Avgeekery strongly […] More

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    Southwest reveals new look on their 737s

    After weeks of speculation, Southwest Airlines officially unveiled their new “Heart” paint scheme today.  The paint scheme is the third paint scheme in their 43 year history.  In a statement, Southwest said in a statement that their new look “puts the airline’s Heart on display, showcasing the strength of the nearly 46,000 Employees Companywide—whose dedication can […] More

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    TWA, AirCal and RenoAir to fly again!

    Rendering of a possible TWA heritage scheme in American Colors (Thanks to Kyle Meeks). Earlier this year American Airlines announced that they would add 4 additional heritage schemes to US Airways previous fleet of heritage jets.  The heritage fleet would be complete sometime in 2015.  The fleet additions would include a ‘bare metal’ American 737-800 […] More

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    Is Southwest Getting a New Livery Soon?

    On the heels of the news that Frontier Airlines will be getting a livery refresh on September 9th, a more juicy livery refresh rumor is beginning to take flight on the internet.   The rumor is that Southwest Airlines and their famous ‘canyon blue’ livery may be getting a makeover.  Comments have appeared on both […] More

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    What’s it like to be a Sim Instructor on the 737NG?

    While a pilot is the most commonly known job in aviation, there are hundreds of other jobs that support the aviation industry.  From caterers to maintenance personnel to gate agents, all play a role in the safe transportation of millions of people around the globe everyday.  Recently, had the opportunity to profile a Boeing […] More

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    You Won’t Believe What Airline is Coming Back to Life

    A concept drawing of the ‘new’ Eastern Airlines 737-800. Way back in 1927, a little airline started in Florida.  It was called Eastern Air Lines.  Over the next 64 years, the airline expanded to fly millions of passengers and become one the Big 4 airlines of its day.  It was an airline that was both […] More

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    A BBJ Combi!

    Peregrine Point is a small charter outfit based at Alliance that was started in 2007 and specializes in short notice passenger and cargo charters. As far as I know they have this Combi BBJ and a G450. This particular BBJ is N529PP. Thanks to the sequester and other assorted asinine antics by Congress, there wasn’t […] More

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