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    BREAKING VIDEO: Cargo 727 Airliner Crashes Through Fence in Colombia

    Reports say the 4 crew died in the crash. A Boeing 727-200 Cargo aircraft operated by Aerosucre has crashed on departure to ElDorado Airport in Colombia.  Reports say that the wreckage was found approximately 5 miles from the runway departure end at Puerto Carreno airport. Eyewitness videos posted on Youtube by Sebastian Salazar H show the Boeing […] More

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    This Is One Spooky Abandoned Airport

    Nicosia Airport in Cyprus has been abandoned since 1974. Ever since the Turkish invasion on July 20th, all commercial activity had ceased. The airport, which was constructed in the 1930s, had been the scene of some heavy fighting between Turkey and Cyprus. After that, the United Nations Security Council declared the Nicosia airport a United […] More

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    How Boeing Built The Legends

    When Boeing built the revolutionary 727 and 747, it had to develop equally revolutionary ways to test and certify the advanced aircraft. Boeing faced a number of challenges along the way. Spray patterns of the 727’s tires could have quenched the outboard engines. A redesign was necessary to prevent potential flameouts. The 747 also faced a […] More

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    The Last Flight Of The First 727

    A 15-minute flight required two decades of work plus the vision and determination of one man. Boeing’s first 727 made its last flight Wednesday. N7001U left the Museum of Flight Restoration Center up at Paine Field in Everett, Wash. – its home for the last 25 years – and made a brief return to the […] More

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    This Man Lives in an Old Abandoned Airplane

    Sixty-four year old Bruce Campbell is living every avgeek’s dream.  He owns an old retired 727 and has turned it into his private abode.  The plane isn’t exactly first class.  Only one bathroom works and the kitchen is rather spartan.  Nonetheless, it’s an avgeek’s dream. For more info, check out The Blaze article by Oliver […] More

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    Appreciate the deployment of Boeing 727 Flaps

    In this day and age, its super common for airplane manufacturers to use very complex Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software and Computer Aided Design to test and build airplane wings.  The new wings on airplanes like the 787 and Airbus A-350 are both relatively simple in structure and super efficient.  But these fancy tools didn’t […] More

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