Stunt Plane Misses Biker But What About The Cameraman?

There are low flybys and then there are crazy-low, about to hit someone, really-dangerous flybys.  This one is the latter.

It either comes down to luck or skill.  Whatever it was, the pilot somehow missed both the biker and the cameraman with his wing just a foot or two above the ground.  Whether it was luck or skill, it wasn’t smart.  Deflecting the stick just a fraction of an inch in 3 out of 4 directions would have meant destruction and/or death for at least one person in the video.

This clip isn’t new.  It’s been around for a few years but it still surprises us every time.  How did that cameraman not get hit by the stunt plane? It boggles my mind.

The video was produced by ThoseCrazyTexans and originally posted on YouTube.