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Squealing C-5 Turbofans Never Sounded So Good!

Sagar Pathak

The Jumbo C-5 Galaxy’s engine has a unique whine that is quickly disappearing from the skies.

There is no sound like the C-5.  The monstrous TF-39s are first generation turbofans that are ear piercing loud. The TF-39s paved the way for a new era of jumbo jet aircraft.  The squeal of the engines is as unique as it is loud.

The unique sound is quickly disappearing from our skies. Most of the remaining C-5s in service are being converted to the C-5M. C-5A and C-5Bs are either being retired or converted. Soon, these video clips might be the only place where the unique sound can be heard. One word of caution, turn down your speakers before pressing play!


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