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Space Shuttle Model’s Launch And Landing Is Stunningly Realistic

The Space Shuttle represented a new era of spaceflight.  This model showcased a new level of realistic model making.

If you’ve ever built a model airplane before, you’ll understand just how amazing this video actually is.  It’s not easy to build a model airplane from scratch.  The weight of the aircraft and the proportions of each surface must also be perfectly balanced.  The servos placement is delicate.  From time to time, the delicate control surfaces require additional reinforcement which means that the opposite side of the airplane must also have additional reinforcement.  Then the plane becomes too heavy or the motor breaks.  Bottom line is that custom-built RC airplane models are tough to build and maintain.
That is why this complete stack STS (Space Transport System) model is so impressive.  It features the solid rocket boosters that launch the orbiter into the air with a pretty realistically modeled prelaunch sequence.  After a few seconds, the boosters and the fuel tank separate and then parachute back to the ground. The orbiter, with a realistically poor glide-ratio, glides in for a smooth landing.  While the video appears to be filmed in the mid ’90s, it demonstrates some of the all-time best of RC modeling.

The video of the flight is above the fold.  The launch sequence recreation is shown in the video below.  Both films were originally posted on YouTube by mgas1237.

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