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Southwest’s Showgirl! Former Stardust Boeing 737 Will Take Her Final Bow This Weekend

Photo by Steve at
Photo by Steve at

After 31 years, her curtain call will come this weekend.

Before N659SW wore this Canyon Blue and the Desert Gold of Southwest, this 737-301 was with Western Pacific (N950WP) and was adorned with a photo of Aki, who was the star showgirl of “Enter the Night” from Las Vegas’s Stardust Casino. WestPac Airlines of Colorado Springs utilized their fleet of 737-300s as “Logojets” or flying billboards with advertisements from everything from casinos and resorts to rental cars and television stations.

After starting her career with Piedmont in May of 1985 then moving on to USAir just before her time WestPac and finally with Southwest, she will be retired this weekend having spent 31 years flying throughout America’s skies.

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