Southwest Flight Attendant Uses Every Looney Tunes Character To Welcome Passengers To Chicago

Southwest Airlines flight attendant Zach Haumesser is a man that obviously enjoys his job. Instead of going through the motions, he put his heart and soul into his duties. On a recent flight into Chicago Midway, Zach is captured on video making a very unique arrival message to passengers.  He did the entire announcement as if the entire Looney Tunes gang was onboard the jet. The impersonation is quite good…scary good.

Southwest Airlines is known for a lighthearted attitude.  This isn’t the first humorous Southwest flight attendant.  Back in 2015, we posted a flight attendant whose pre-departure safety message also went viral. Kudos to Zach for making the fly experience a little more fun.  That is unless you probably happen to be a flight attendant who has to do a three day trip with him.  Then that schtick would get annoying!