Sonic Boom! The Last USAF F-4s Went Out With A Bang!

Retiring QF-4s performed supersonic pass during last flight at Holloman.

The last US Air Force QF-4s took to the skies on December 21, 2016.  Those flights capped a full 58 years of F-4 Phantoms gracing the skies of the United States.  Avgeeks from all over the country gathered to watch and photograph an active F-4 flying one more time.

Those gathered got a bonus. They didn’t just hear the roar of the mighty General Electric J79 engines.  They also heard the mighty F-4 Phantom power past Mach 1 as the tell tale sonic booms were heard by everyone present.  No damage was reported.

Here’s a great video of the happening posted by Skyes9.