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What’s the Worst Regional Airliner?

Alright avgeeks, let’s settle an age old debate.  One of our more popular articles we’ve posted compares the Bombardier CRJ-200 to Nickelback.  Many people agree with our assessment that the CRJ-200 is a very uncomfortable ride. We’ve had a number of people write us though to say that we’re just plane wrong.  They say that the ERJ-145 is the worst.  Or they’ll complain about the Embrarer 170 always breaking down.  Or they’ll say that the Q400 is the real hunk of junk.  Based on all the feedback, we’re pretty sure that all these airliners are flying tubes of pain.


Here’s your shot to make your voice heard. Let’s settle this once and for all!

What plane will take the title as the WORST Regional Airliner?  We don’t care what criteria you use to determine the ‘worst’.  This is an opinion poll after all.

Is it the lack of legroom, even though you are only 5’6?  Is it because the bathroom that smells like an elephant exhibit at the zoo?  You decide.

Vote early, vote often…just like the City Of Chicago. 🙂

  • What is the Worst Regional Airliner?

    • CRJ-200
    • ERJ170
    • ERJ145
    • Dash-8 Q400
    • CRJ-900

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