Slovakian Government Airbus A319 Performs Stupendous Low Pass

Low passes of big airliners are the stuff of legends.  Who can forget WestJet’s fabulous 737-200 flyby before its retirement back in 2006?  Occasionally, we’ll see a low pass of a military version of a commercial jet like Royal NewZealand’s Air Force’s 757.  But we know that these amazing feats are pretty rare and for good reason.  They really don’t have much of a purpose besides showing off the jet.  While they usually happen without incident, low passes in large jets have proven dangerous in the past too.  Most airshows these days shy away from this type of display.

That’s why when we saw this low pass of the Slovakian Republic’s A319 business jet, we had to post it.  It’s true avgeekery!  While we’re pretty sure that the jet’s warning systems were squawking, it didn’t seem to bother the pilots.  The fly-by-wire jet is steady as a rock as it flies about 50 feet above the runway in a clean configuration to the delight of crowd at the airshow.

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