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Skip The Herc, These Paratroopers Try Out The New KC-390 Jet (Watch in 360!)

Embraer posts 360 video of paratrooper drop in the new KC-390 Jet

In 2009, Embraer was awarded with a 1.5 billion dollar contract to build two prototypes of the KC-390. Only two KC-390s have been built so far. This video shows the first ever paratroop drop using one of the prototypes.

The Embraer KC-390 is a mid-sized, twin engine military jet aircraft recently developed by Embraer, a Brazilian aerospace manufacturer. It is a tactical airlifter with a roomy, cargo bay that is similar in size to a C-130. Ruggedized landing gear allows the aircraft to take off and land of semi-prepared surfaces. Aircraft avionics include HUD displays for both pilot and co-pilot, a night vision system, GPS, and a CARP (Computed Air Release Point) system, which allows for automatic opening of the cargo doors. The unit cost of each KC-390 aircraft is about 85 million dollars.

The KC-390 transports cargo and troops, as well as performing aerial refueling. It is Embraer’s largest aircraft to date. Its first flight was on February 3rd, 2015. In June of 2016, Portugal announced plans to buy six KC-390 aircrafts. Peru has also shown interest. Meanwhile, the Brazilian Air Force has ordered 28 of this model, in addition to the two prototypes. A total of 60 units have been ordered for Chile, Portugal, Czech Republic, Argentina, and Colombia.

The KC-390 holds a crew of two, and has room for 80 passengers. The plane is nearly 110 feet long, with a wing span of more than 111 feet. It is 37 feet and six inches in height.The service ceiling (maximum altitude) is 36,000 feet.

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