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Santa’s Getting a Checkride This Year

“You better watch out.  You better not cry.” His experimental craft and isolated North Pole location won’t prevent Santa from getting a ramp check.

Santa has a big job to do tonight.  He has to do what is seemingly impossible.  That is to deliver Christmas gifts to millions of toys to good little boys and girls all around the world in just one night.  But Santa’s big mission can’t be a reason to rush.  Safety is first.  And Santa’s not the type of guy that would put anyone’s life at risk just to cut a few corners and shave off a couple of minutes on his schedule.

As pilot in command, Santa has to be ready for the unexpected.  Even a no-notice checkride by the feds.  While spot checks might make a lesser pilot squirm, Santa is no newbie.  He’s a pro.  Like the airline pilots flying you to grandma’s this year, Santa has years of professional experience flying his sleigh. With deft precision, Santa does his walk-around, checks his performance calculations, and even is ready for the..ehem, unexpected.

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Jeff Gilmore

Written by Jeff Gilmore

Jeff is a former active duty Air Force pilot who founded and now works in Silicon Valley. A longtime #avgeek, Jeff loves technology, aviation, model airplanes, and his family.

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