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Totally ’80s: PanAm’s A300 Preflight Video Harkens Back To A Long Gone Era

Be sure to extinguish your smoking materials before donning your oxygen mask.

Pan Am and the Airbus A300: certainly two classic and memorable parts of the aviation world. Pan Am is perhaps one of the most recognized “classic” airlines to date, flying from the late 20’s to the early 90’s. Pan American World Airways shaped, in many ways, the airlines we know and love today through their constant innovation and customer dedication until the end. They paved the way for modern airlines as a classy and well operated business.


Pan Am flew to many destinations and had a large fleet, including the A300. The A300 is a design of a little French Company that was called Airbus. Once an upstart, now its the largest airline builder in the world.  The A300 was Airbus’s first real marketable airliner that was flown by both European and major US airlines. First flown in the late 70s, it was state of the art back then.  You may remember that PanAm bought the A300 because Airbus offered bargain basement pricing to get entrance to gain the marquee airline as a customer.  They chose the jet over the Boeing 767.  It was an issue of timing and pricing.  The A300 fit the right niche at the right time to help simplify an aging and diverse wide-body fleet. PanAm is long gone but the A300 jet is still used today (although mostly for cargo). Like the once magical Pan Am, the A300 remains a never-forgotten classic.

Safety First

Pan Am’s safety video is a classic. With peach colored seats, Farrah Fawcett hair, and generous seat pitch, you know that this video is from a long gone era. Take a step back to the era of Pan Am and check it out. Early ’80s production at it’s best.

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