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How To Be A Rockstar And Fly Like A Rockstar | VIDEO

Courtesy: Iron Maiden Website
Courtesy: Iron Maiden Website
Courtesy: Iron Maiden Website

What’s better than flying around like a rockstar?  How about being a rockstar and flying yourself and your band in a 747-400 around the world!

A few weeks ago, an news roundup led with the item that Iron Maiden’s world tour would make its way around the globe via a customized 747. There’s even more to the story than just a tour to promote the heavy metal band’s “Book Of Souls” album.

Lead vocalist Bruce Dickinson is a licensed pilot and he will captain and pilot “Ed Force One.” He underwent special training in order to be cleared to fly the jumbo jet.

“When the opportunity arose from my friends at Air Atlanta Icelandic to lease a 747 for The Book of Souls World Tour, of course we jumped at the chance, who wouldn’t?” Dickinson said in a news release. “The greatest benefit of travelling in a 747 is that because of its colossal size and freight capacity we can carry our stage production and all our stage equipment and desks in the cargo hold.”

The United States portion of the tour is underway and Dickinson is as thrilled to be flying a 747 as he is about performing. This video shows him seeing Ed Force One, a 747-400 Jumbo Jet, for the first time.

In the second video, Bruce does a walkaround of the Ed Force One Jumbo Jet.  The video was originally posted by “Made In Cardiff”, a local news organization in the UK.


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