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Roar Of The Raptor: F-22’s massive engines come to life in this video

Photo by Nikolas L. Schaffner

The purr leading up to the whine of jet engines preparing to takeoff is evident as this F-22 Raptor gets ready to perform at an air show.

Preparing to fly a $150 million state-of-the-art fighter is not like jumping in the family SUV to head to the grocery store. You don’t just jump in, start it and drive/fly.

During an air show in 2008, Major “Max” Moga was about to pilot an F-22 Raptor on a demonstration flight. The pre-flight check list continued after Moga fired up the twin Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 pitch thrust vectoring  turbofan engines.

Making sure that the control services are in working order and letting both engines get completely warmed up is just a bit of the common sense and preparation that goes into making sure that an aircraft like the Raptor is ready to roar down the runway. The observant ground crew watches for anything the pilot can’t see.

The F-22 is an amazing plane.  It’s a shame that only 187 were ever produced.  Unfortunately, cost overruns and overseas contingency operations (OIF/OEF) cut in to the budget.  Still, the Raptor roars just not in as big of numbers as originally planned.  Enjoy.


Written by Wendell Barnhouse

Wendell Barnhouse is a veteran journalist with over 40 years of experience as a writer and an editor. For the last 30 years, he wrote about college sports but he has had an interest and curiosity about aviation since he was in grade school.

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