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Ride Along as Typhoons Blast Through World Famous Mach Loop

Cockpit view shows the raw excitement of a low level.

Cockpit view lets you feel the raw excitement of low level flight.

Experience the emerald green of British landscapes in this high-octane clip! This video footage, uploaded on May 13th of 2014, was filmed from the back seat of an RAF Eurofighter Typhoon, being flown by display pilot Jamie Norris. You get to hangout on board Europe’s premiere tactical combat platform, as they soar, swoop and just plain sizzle.

Jamie calmly walks us through his pre-flight checks, and gently guides his agile craft into the air. He rejoins on “lead,” (the other Typhoon) as they transition from high altitude to the low level environment. We hear him announcing that the weather is good, and the valley is clear. And then we are off for the races! Flying at less than 250 feet above the ground, both jets have to pull impressive amounts of G forces in order to remain within the safe confines of the valley. They are about as low as you’d dare to go, at speeds in excess of 450 knots! So low to the ground that you can plainly see the cars in people’s driveways and the fences that surround their yards. And maybe people waving…at the sound of freedom coming from those twin exhausts.

But why, you ask, would fighters be down in the weeds?

Great question—it’s about infiltration and avoidance. Up high, radar has a clear return. Low level, especially in mountains, there’s too much clutter in the way (thank you terra firma!). Plus, getting a straight shot at a twisting, bucking Typhoon? Fuhgeddabouttit!

The Eurofighter Typhoon is an aircraft with strike force capability. It is in service with six nations – the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Saudi Arabia.

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Written by Avgeekery

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