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Ride Along In The Cockpit of the Jet That Every Wannabe Airline Pilot Wants To Fly

Photo by Boeing.

The 787 represents the current pinnacle of aviation technology and efficiency.

It is possible that one of Boeing’s most anticipated projects ever may have been the 787 “Dreamliner.”  Sure the first flight of the 707 was pretty exciting, but the reveal of the 787 promised a new era of high-efficiency flight like no other.  It turned out that the actual unveil took a little longer.

Long awaited and highly anticipated, Boeing, and the entire commercial airline industry, had high hopes for the twin-engine, midsize Dreamliner aircraft. One of the main perks of the Dreamliner is that it is super fuel efficient and opens up new distant routes that were previously not economical. The Dreamliner’s composite structure is much lighter than a traditional airliner that side. The structure combined with advanced engine technology has led to large improvements in fuel efficiency. The fuel efficiency alone has delighted airlines. Onboard improvements like LED lighting, higher air pressure, and a spacious cabin has led to positive reviews by airline passengers too.

This video features the 787-9 variant first flown in 2013. The -9 variant has a number of efficiency improvements over the -8. Not only can the -9 carry more passengers and cargo than the -8 but it boasts a similar range with lower costs per passenger on a typical flight. You’ll ride along to view the best parts of a flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco in a beautiful in the beautiful Boeing 787-9.

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