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Restored MiG-17 Pilot Flies It Like He Stole It

The MiG-17 conducts flyover just 30 feet above the ground.

The MiG-17 was engineered and produced by Mikoyan-Gurevich to replace the MiG-15. The first MiG-17 prototype took flight in January of 1950 and later entered production in 1951. During the MiG-17 service, there were five iterations of the aircraft produced, including the MiG-17PF #620 flown in the video. Throughout the MiG-17’s 64-year history, the aircraft has seen service in over 20 different countries and remains in active service in three countries. MiG-17 was designed to withstand up to 8 G-Forces and can reach a max speed of 715 MPH. The aircraft is powered by a single jet engine (with afterburner) providing over 7,000 lbs. of thrust.

The MiG-17PF on display during Thunder Over Michigan 2016 is owned and operated by Fighter Jets Inc. and was piloted by Randy Ball. “Randy Ball’s MiG-17F spent almost four years in restoration, and is one of only a handful of vintage jets flying the North American air show circuit.” (

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