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Which Would You Rather Fly? A Video Comparison of the A320 and 737 Cockpit

The cockpits are from different eras but the planes accomplish largely the same mission. The 737 cockpit is largely unchanged since the 1960s while the more modern-looking Airbus A320 cockpit is 1980s vintage.

Even though the 737 has undergone significant changes over the past 40+ years, the cockpit design is fairly similar to the original cockpit.  The cockpit similarities between 737 versions allow pilots to fly the -200, Classic (-300, -400, and -500) and the NG (-700, -800, -900) on a common type rating with just some minor differences training.  Although the look is similar between versions, the latest versions incorporate most of the technology improvements of the industry.

On the contrary, the Airbus A320 was designed in the 1980s as a clean sheet aircraft.  The cockpit incorporated all the lessons learned in design thinking during the first 30 years of the jet era.  The result is a relatively sleek, decluttered cockpit with a side stick controller and even a tray table.

The video was originally posted on YouTube by TheGreatFlyer.

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