Rare Footage of Southwest 727-200 Operations at Dallas Love

This is Dallas Love Field, but not a Southwest 727-200. (Publicly usable photos of the Southwest Boeing 727-200 are pretty rare!)

Before DFW became a juggernaut and fortress hub, Dallas Love Field served as the gateway to the Dallas and Fort Worth cities. At one time, Dallas Love Field served as a hub for Braniff and a large operation for Delta and American Airlines.

In the early 1970s, upstart Southwest Airlines was also serving intrastate destinations from Dallas Love Field. This awesome video by Youtube user Starboard76 shows some really rare footage of Southwest 737-200s and even a more rare Southwest 727-200. (Amazing footage Starboard! We hope to see more!)

Southwest Operated a Boeing 727-200?

Yep! Twice actually! While Southwest is known for being the largest operator of the Boeing 737 today, it actually operated a more diverse fleet at one time. As part of a settlement with Braniff, Southwest operated a Boeing 727-200 as part of a settlement for a short period in the late ’70s. Southwest also operated a small subfleet leased from PSA to augment west coast expansion before a sufficient fleet of Boeing 737-300s could be delivered.