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Ramp Worker’s Funky Dance Moves Go Viral

Working the ramp isn’t a particularly glamorous job. It involves a ton of physical exertion and you are at the mercy of the elements. As a ramp agent, the outside is your office. Heat, rain, snow, and sleet, are common. You are measured by your ability to ensure that the flights depart on-time. Passengers hardly ever see you long enough to say ‘thanks’ for loading my bags and ensuring that my flight departed on-time.

Kyran Ashford is employed by JetStream Ground who contracts with Southwest Airlines for ground operations. He sets the standard for service with a smile. Earlier this week, country artist Terry McBride posted a video showing a ramp agent whose wing walking was over the top. Terry was impressed. His moves were so fantastic, and his smile so infectious that the video of him ‘just’ doing his job have now been seen by over 6.5 million people. It’s safe to say that he might be the first person in aviation history whose wing-walking skills have gone viral!

Avgeekery salutes Kyran and appreciates his passion. We also hope that his skills serve as a great resume builder to get hired as a station manager or better for Southwest Airlines in Rochester. The world needs people with passion like his. Any airline would be lucky to have him.

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Written by Avgeekery

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