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Piloted By a Rockstar: Video Lookback at Iron Maiden’s 747 World Tour

As the 2016 tour nears its end, Iron Maiden reflects on all the fun they had with Ed Force One, the Boeing jumbo jet that took them on their world tour. For starters, the plane has a super cool paint job, with Iron Maiden and The Book of Souls World Tour splashed across the side of the aircraft. The plane was even made into a model, which was sold in hobby shops across America.

This 747 is nicknamed Queen of the Skies. Of course, the music of Iron Maiden plays throughout this video. As the pilot prepares to land in Bermuda, he mentions that this will be his very first landing. But the pilot loves his plane. He says “…it just blows the doors off every other airplane on the planet… If you wanted me to swap Ed Force One, I wouldn’t do it.” The pilot is Bruce Dickinson, vocalist for Iron Maiden. He has been a pilot since 1990, but he got a special airline transport pilot’s license to fly this particular plane on his world tour.

Photo by: Iron Maiden
Photo by: Iron Maiden

The touring musicians visited 45 cities. These include Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Mexico City, Sao Paolo, Rio, Buenos Aires, and many other cities throughout the world. Dickinson flew almost 80,000 miles (123,000 kilometers). The band’s longest flight was 11 hours and 24 minutes.

The travels weren’t without incident though.  Ed Force One did sustain damage early in the tour in a towing incident.  In Chile, the tug broke free while the jumbo was being towed to another part of the airport.

This video features some very cool footage of moving planes, Fort Lauderdale, Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson, and more. They seem to be having all kinds of fun, and got some fabulous photos too.

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