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Are You a Pilot of a Single Engine Aircraft? This Book Might Save Your Life

jarosAre you prepared to handle an engine loss event in your single engine piston aircraft?

Are you current and trained in all aspects of the General Aviation (GA) engine loss situation?
What is your best glide speed, best glide ratio? Do you know where High Key is?
Did you know that about 30% of all General Aviation single engine aircraft crashes are the result of a mechanical engine failure? Are you prepared? Seriously…are you ready?

Lots of questions…do you have answers?

Engine Out Survival Tactics is a book for single engine General Aviation pilots, Certified Flight Instructors, and Flight Schools and will teach you advanced engine loss recovery techniques from the unique perspective of a US Air Force Fighter Pilot and Lockheed Test Pilot. This book will take your knowledge and preparedness to the next level!

With advanced discussions on glide ratios, emergency procedures, critical action checklist steps, landing site selection, the gear up or down debate, and military style overhead and straight-in engine out landing procedures, Engine Out Survival Tactics takes your knowledge and training to a higher level that has never before been taught to General Aviation pilots. There is also an excellent overview of engine loss training and options when in Instrument Meteorological Conditions as well ways to use your modern engine monitor to identify a pending engine loss event.

Engine Out Survival Tactics also includes real life engine loss stories from real pilots. Hear what happened to them, and how they survived!

If you are uncertain about your ability to safely recover your single engine aircraft, in any situation, and SURVIVE…then this is the book for you.

Learn the tactics that can save your life!

Now available for download on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Nook and more!

Why did you write this book?

I have always been an avid supporter of GA and enjoyed flying in light aircraft for most of my professional USAF career. As I became older and more proficient in the USAF as an F-16 pilot, I began to realize just how different GA emergency training is from our military emergency training. In the military we have access to advanced simulators, and some of the finest equipment and technology that money can buy. We also focus monthly and on checkrides, on emergency procedures and work on them until we know them in our sleep. I began to see a huge disparity between the two kinds of flying, with respect to emergency preparedness.

One afternoon I was discussing flying the F-16 in the USAF with a pilot acquaintance. busterHe was an experienced fellow, but had no formal training or military training. I was discussing High Key and a little about doing engine out practice in the F-16. After about 10 minutes of discussion and joking about our flying he asked me…”What’s High Key?” Right then it dawned on me.
That was the genesis for Engine Out Survival Tactics: Fighter Pilot Tactics for General Aviation Engine Loss Emergencies. 
I DON’T know it all, but I realized that I have a wealth of engine loss practice, experience, and knowledge that certainly can translate over to GA pilots. Heck, if I can learn it, anyone can.
If you really want to know some advanced stuff, and some of the ways in which we train for an engine loss in the F-16 and how you can use those ‘tactics’ and skills in your single engine aircraft, then I invite you to download my book and give it a shot. I am positive it will help you become a better and safer GA pilot.

About Nate “Buster” Jaros

 Nate “Buster” Jaros is a retired USAF fighter pilot with over 2,000 hours in F-16 C/D/CM and T-38A/C aircraft and over 500 hours in General Aviation aircraft. He is currently a Test Pilot and Instructor Pilot with Lockheed Martin Skunkworks. He has a Bachelor of Science degree as well as a Master of Business Administration and owns, operates, and maintains a 1969 V-tail Bonanza. Buster currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada and is a long-time member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association as well as the American Bonanza Society. You can view his webpage at: Engine Out Survival Tactics

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