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Pilot Is Shamed After PA Announcement To Passengers Was Actually Transmitted on JFK Tower

Radio discipline isn’t guaranteed when you make a mistake this big.

It doesn’t even matter so much that nothing offensive was said. The pilot was trying to tell his passengers, “Welcome to New York!” when he accidentally broadcasted over tower frequency. Right after is welcome, another pilot chimes in,“Don’t let him get away with that!” It could have been so much worse, I guess. This was New York City, after all. The point is that the pilot left the intercom on. For that, he will be shamed like a middle schooler in a boys’ locker room who forgot his jock strap. His colleagues will hang him out to dry. He will soon die of embarrassment…ok,not really. We’re kidding.

The Air Traffic Controller (ATC) in this clip is said to be Stephen Abraham aka “Kennedy Steve”, a former Wall Street exec who thrives on stressful situations. Air Traffic controllers are responsible for thousands of lives. They direct taxiing aircraft, and they decide which routes the planes will fly. An ATC may direct as many as 100 planes an hour.  There is usually little time for light banter, especially at an airport as busy as JFK.

On occasion though, some very amusing conversations take place between pilots and air traffic controllers. These include arguments, strange comments, profanities, and incongruous gestures of every type. One pilot ordered coffee and wings before making an emergency landing. Then there was the pilot on Southwest who spewed profanities over the intercom before being relieved of his job. One angry ATC actually told someone to shut up too.
Pilots learn in flight training to think before you speak. Maybe they should also learn to check their ‘wafer’ too.

The clip was originally uploaded to and posted by Jumpstartstation on YouTube.

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