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Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737 Removed from Cliff at Trabzon Airport in Turkey

Screenshot from ALATURKA TV. Full original video in story.

The Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800, which skidded off the the left-hand side of the runway on January 13th 2017 at Trabzon Airport on Saturday night and came to a stop on a hill, has been removed from its resting place this week.

In the Youtube video, you can see how workers lift the plane. It took two cranes to lift the 41-ton aircraft from the slope, mere feet from the Black Sea. The airport was closed for a day during the recovery operation.

Two cranes lifting the Boeing 737 from the slope, five days after the incident. Video by ALATURKA TV  

According to a Pegasus Airlines statement, Flight PC8622 had landed on Trabzon from Ankara with 162 passengers and six crew members when it could not brake in time for, at that time, unknown reasons. The plane ended up next to the runway on a slope. At the time of the accident, it rained heavily at the airport. All passengers and crew were evacuated safely. Although the Governor of Trabzon reported there were no injuries, local emergency services reported several passengers suffered minor injuries and were brought to the hospital.

The big question is how the plane could suddenly change course after it had already landed.

Although the Turkish aviation authority SHGM is investigating the cause of the accident, an investigation was opened by Trabzon’s Prosecution Office into the accident on January 15th 2018. The pilots were tested for intoxication (no findings made) and were interviewed. The captain reported the flight was normal until after touchdown. The first officer was flying the B737 and he landed the aircraft. The runway was extremely wet because of the heavy rainfall. The aircraft did not slow down during roll out. The captain immediately took control of the aircraft and applied brakes. At this time the aircraft turned left, the right engine suddenly accelerated when the aircraft was already off the left edge of the runway. The the captain lost control and went over the cliff. The 737 dropped and the right engine separated and fell into the sea. When the aircraft came to a stop, the crew alerted the tower. The emergency services responded arriving in a short time, probably realizing that this could have ended much worse if the aircraft didn’t come to a stop…

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Jerry Taha

Written by Jerry Taha

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