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Peace the Old Fashioned Way! B-52s Create Smokey Mess With Minimum Interval Takeoffs

SAC Airmen were ready to answer our Nation’s call if war ever became a reality.

Launch the fleet! Procedure expedited takeoffs to get more jets in the air faster.

This clip shows a group of Boeing B-52G Stratofortresses executing a MITO (Minimal Interval Take Off). The objective: get off the ground!  Faster!  The planes roar skyward a mere 15 seconds apart, as two narrators have to hold onto their hats!  It’s a smokey mess of bad ass airpower. SAC bases would practice these launches so that if the flag of war was ever raised, our nation’s Air Force would answer the call.  Each B-52G carried cruise missiles and bombs, ready to strike the enemy with overwhelming force if directed.
This clip is actually from the movie, “A Gathering of Eagles” that starred Rock Hudson.  It showcased the challenges of turning around a struggling unit.  Col Caldwell, played by Hudson, will do whatever it takes (including being a hard-ass) to get his unit in tip-top shape.
The movie appears to be filmed at Beale Air Force Base.  Today, Beale is home to KC-135R, U-2s, and Global Hawk UAVs.

About the Boeing B-52G Buff

The B-52G was a modification to extend the service life of the B-52 (affectionately known as BUFF: Big Ugly Fat Fucker), during delays in the B-58 Hustler program. Designers envisioned a radical new concept, with all new wings and Pratt & Whitney engines. The new plane had an increased fuel capacity and water injection, which added about a 17 percent power increase to assist with taking off. In addition, a pair of 700 gallon fuel tanks were slung under the wings.  BUFF threw out the design book, scrapping traditional ailerons and using spoilers to control aircraft roll.
Roughly 744 B-52 aircraft (and their variants) were manufactured between 1952 and 1962. The B-52 is still (kicking ass!) in service today. However, almost every B-52G was destroyed in accordance with the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty of 1992. As of 2012, only about 85 remain in active service. The others are in the boneyard, museum, or still flying in our dreams.

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